Mother’s Day Candle

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CandleIt’s our strong belief that scent can evoke memories and emotions, even when you least expect it.

When it comes to Rochelle, it’s hard to go past her favourite perfume – Issey Miyake. Combine that with the smell of fresh lillies as their buds open, and it’s almost like she’s wandering through the house again.

It’s for this reason we decided to team up with Clare from bbe boutique to create a candle that’s uniquely Rochelle. Something we can light in our homes and be reminded of her boisterous laugh, warm smile, booming voice and loving nature. We can be enveloped in her affectionate hugs and reminisce of days gone by.

For all of us at #PurpleOurWorld, Mother’s Day is a strong reminder that Rochelle is no longer with us. And while we miss her every day, the one special day that celebrates mothers everywhere is just that little bit harder. This year, we decided to bring a little bit of joy back to the day, by sharing our memories with you.

We hope this serves as a reminder to hold your mum a bit tighter and tell her just how much you love her, that she’s worth spoiling, not just today but everyday, and that you really don’t know what you’d do without her.

Wishing all the mothers a very happy Mother’s Day and for those missing a piece of their life puzzle, we hope you find the strength to get through the day, and that you find a way to smile as you remember your wonderful mums.

The #PurpleOurWorld candle can be purchased online:

Please note, candles can be posted or picked up from Mosman or Rose Bay (NSW).
A big thanks to Clare for her tireless work on this special project.

GRF_CMYKAll proceeds from the candle will be donated to pancreatic cancer research at the Garvan Research Foundation.


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